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Apple Awards

League Educator Apple Awards

The League's Education Committee is excited to continue the League Educator Apple Award program, started in 2003. The purpose of this national endeavor is to recognize, reward, and acknowledge the efforts of local schools and community groups that support League member organization/venue's education programs relating to Broadway or touring Broadway shows and promote further development of theatre education.

Educators and collaborators who have partnered with League members on education programs relating to League-member Broadway and touring Broadway productions are eligible for this award.

The League is committed to working with our members in their efforts to develop new audiences and model projects by supporting education initiatives across the country.

Download the 2012-2013 nomination form. For further information, please contact Rachel Reiner at (212) 703-0215.

2012 League Apple Award Recipients

Trenton Price, Manager of Operations at Harlem Village Academy Leadership, New York, NY
This past year, Mr. Price collaborated with the producers of Memphis the Musical to create the “Inspire Change” program. Inspire Change provides an opportunity for arts-poor schools to experience Memphis, and participate in pre/post-show discussions with performers and teaching artists. Also, this partnership has provided students an opportunity to explore the historical and literary context of segregation in America through the eyes of Memphis via in-school curriculum-based workshops. Mr. Price’s passion and determination piloted the Inspire Change program from 160 students and parents in Harlem to thousands of students across New York City. His efforts expanded students’ analysis and understanding of history and social justice beyond literature and introduced them to the world of Broadway in a way that is relevant to students growing up in Harlem.

Charles “Chuck” D’Imperio, Principal of Livonia Middle School, Livonia, NY
The ongoing collaboration of Mr. D’Imperio, Principal of Livonia Middle School, and the Rochester Broadway Theatre League has built a strong foundation for incorporating The Lion King into a year-long, academic program rooted in the arts. Mr. D’Imperio continues to go beyond the expectations of a traditional administrator with his “all about the kids” approach. Mr. D’Imperio’s students learned much about themselves and their fellow classmates by participating in the education program focused on the question that is so prominent in the show, “Who lives in you?”. The program engaged the students in exploring the interconnectedness of family, culture, art, language and tradition and the influence they have on shaping their own lives.

Eric Staib, Art Teacher at Kinawa Middle School, Okemos, MI
Through the collaboration of Mr. Staib, Art Teacher of Grades K-6 at Kinawa Middle School, and Wharton Center for Performing Arts, Mr. Staib has brought Broadway into visual arts classrooms through the program, “Eye for Broadway”. The program strengthened a mission of arts integration and provided a venue for student work to be viewed and appreciated. All of the work on the Broadway-focused arts installments were created and installed by students, which helped introduce/reinforce all of the curriculum benchmarks at the school in addition to collaboration with core academic subjects with each individual project. Mr Staib’s students learn the importance of collaboration and find out that their small contribution, when added to the whole, creates a beautiful, interactive, and powerful visual work of art.

Katrina Stevens, Supervisor of Secondary English Language Arts with Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore, MD
This past year, Ms. Stevens, Supervisor of Secondary English Language Arts with Baltimore County Public Schools, and Hippodrome Foundation, Inc. partnered to reinforce the importance of literature in local high school students through the arts. “West Side Story on Baltimore’s West Side” used the arts as a tool for teachers to motivate students, maximize learning, and introduce students to a world they might otherwise not have a chance to experience. The students were taught about central themes, similarities, and differences with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, attended a live performance, read and acted out scenes and submitted a creative writing assignment about their favorite character.

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