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The Economic Impact of Touring Broadway 2008-2009


Touring Broadway venues are not only critical to their cities as cultural institutions, but, like Broadway in New York, they also have a huge economic impact on the metropolitan areas. This involves money spent in the local economy to present shows and maintain their venues, as well as attracting audience members whose ancillary spending supports other related businesses such as restaurants, parking, and transportation.

This report estimates the impact of Touring Broadway to local areas as well as to New York City by analyzing the spending of the theatres, producers, and audience members.

From the Executive Summary

  • In the 2008–2009 season, there were approximately 40 Broadway touring shows traveling across the country playing in 192 venues.
  • Producers and presenters spent $807.2 million to produce and run these tours in the places that presented them or in New York City.
  • Moreover, theatregoers who came to an area specifically to attend shows spent another $687.2 million on ancillary activities such as dining and transportation.
  • Thus the total direct spending due to Touring Broadway amounted to $1.49 billion.
  • This money then generated another $1.86 billion in secondary rounds of spending so that the full economic contribution of Touring Broadway totaled $3.35 billion.
  • Eighty-seven percent of this money ($2.9 billion) supported the communities that presented Broadway tours. Another $425.8 million impacted New York City.
  • On average, Broadway tours visiting cities contributed an economic impact of 3.5 times the gross ticket sales to the local metropolitan area’s economy.

Spending Component

Economic Contribution ($ millions)

Producer and Presenter Expenses


Theatre-Related Visitor Spending




The Economic Impact of Touring Broadway 2008-2009 Season

23 pages, illustrated with color with charts, graphs, and photos.
Published December, 2010 The Broadway League

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