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The Membership Committee meets on a monthly basis to review membership applications and issues, and to present recommendations to the Executive Committee. In June, the Membership Committee reviews applications for promotion to Full membership. The committee additionally suggests changes to the League’s By-Laws regarding membership to ensure that this governing document remains a current and accurate reflection of the industry. It also oversees professional development programs including: mentoring, First Tuesdays and Quarterly Associate Breakfast seminars.

Member Participation: By Executive Committee appointment

League Contact: Ed Sandler


David Stone, Chair

Michael David
Greg Holland
Paul Libin
Judith Lisi
Al Nocciolino
Lauren Reid
Nick Scandalios
Stuart Thompson
Robert E. Wankel
Beth Williams


Primary Purposes:

  • To review annually the number of members in each category
  • To review new membership applications and membership issues to recommend to the Executive Committee each month
  • To review applications for promotion to Full membership to recommend to the Executive Committee each June
  • To review members' status annually ensuring that category qualifications are maintained
  • To analyze the criteria and benefits for each membership category
  • To ensure that all members are aware of League services and benefits available to them
  • To clarify and define the value of League membership
  • To develop a new structure for identifying and mentoring new League members
  • To suggest and implement changes to the League's by laws


  •  9 members
  • Representatives from each of the three major theatre owners, three Presenters and three Producers and/or General Managers

Selection, Criteria and Term:

  • Committee selection is by Executive Committee appoitment
  • There are no term limits
  • The committee elects the chair to a two year term
  • Criteria for committee participation includes:
    • Serving on the Executive Committee, or recommendation by the Executive Committee
    • Full membership status


  • Monthly 


  • Consensus