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Broadway Holiday Season Kicks Off A Happy New Year!
January 04, 2011
Broadway Attendance Up 3.8% Season-To-Date, Plus: Over 20 New Shows Still To Open This Spring

The Broadway League reports robust holiday grosses and a strong start to 2011 with the last two weeks grossing $60 million. The most recent week ending 1/2/11 on its own was probably the highest grossing week in recorded history.

For week ending 1/2/11, 27 shows averaged more than 80% of their seats occupied; over 32 shows averaged 70% of occupied seats and 21 shows averaged 90% of capacity! Season-to-date yielded a 3.8% increase in attendance and 3.6% in grosses year over year.

Charlotte St. Martin, Executive Director of The Broadway League, states, “This season's trend of increasing attendance is reflected in the most recent week as a 3.8% increase over last season-to-date. With week 32 probably being the highest attendance and highest grossing week in Broadway's history, here's hoping the trend continues to the end of the season; and of course, that it spreads across the country!”

Calendar Year Stats
2010: $1.037 billion / 12.11 million in attendance
2009: $1.004 billion / 11.88 million in attendance

Holiday Grosses (Christmas and New Years, wks 31 and 32 combined)
2010: $60.0 million (actual $59,991,360)
2009: $52.4 million

As of week 32 (week ending 1/2/11), the current 2010-11 season is +3.6% in gross and +3.8% in attendance over 2009-10.

At $34,997,571, week ending 1/2/11 was most likely the highest-grossing week in recorded history.