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January 11, 2011
New Broadway League Report Reveals:
Touring Broadway Contributes $3.4 Billion to Local Economies Across the U.S.A.
Touring Broadway Economic Impact up 17%,
Audience up by 7%

The Broadway League has released the latest National Economic Report for Broadway shows that toured the USA for the 2008-2009 season. Released every four years, the report measures the full economic impact of Touring Broadway to the metropolitan areas surrounding the cities that presented the shows, and the economic contribution of the Touring Broadway industry overall. Serving as the official source of Touring Broadway statistical information, The Broadway League's report demonstrates that the Touring Broadway's economic impact on the metropolitan areas in which it performs remains vibrant.

The analysis estimates the economic impact of Broadway touring shows on the metropolitan areas where they played for this season to be $3.35 billion. Touring Broadway creates jobs and generates spending and local taxes that provide a better economic health to our cities.

“Touring Broadway adds to the quality of life in American cities, as well as their economic well being,” notes The Broadway League's Executive Director, Charlotte St. Martin, “Moreover, we provide the funds that fuel many educational programs offered to the kids in America. Since our last report from the 2004-2005 season, we see that Broadway theatre has increased its impact by almost 17% and attendance has increased by 7%. We are happy to see that Broadway is alive and well in our country an that, coupled with New York City's numbers, we are entertaining over 25 million theatergoers annually and are creating an economic impact to our country of over $13.15 billion.”

In the 2008-2009 season, there were approximately 40 Broadway touring shows traveling across the country, playing at 192 venues. Theatergoers who specifically came to an area to attend a tour spent $687.2 million on ancillary activities, such as dining and transportation, in addition to the $807.2 million spent to produce and run these tours in the places that presented them or in New York City, bringing the total direct spending due to Touring Broadway to $1.49 billion. This money then generated another $1.86 billion in secondary rounds of spending so that the full economic contribution of Touring Broadway totaled $3.35 billion. From this money 87% ($2.9 billion) supported the communities that presented Broadway tours. On average, Broadway tours contributed an economic impact of 3.5 times the gross ticket sales to the local metropolitan area's economy.

Touring Broadway's Economic Impact

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Producer and Presenter Expenses


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