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Mission Statement & By-Laws

Our Mission

Our mission consists of four distinct parts:

  1. To oversee and support the common interests and a sense of community among our members, while still addressing the unique needs of each
  2. To increase awareness of, and interest in, Broadway theatre-going across North America
  3. To provide a full range of programs and services so that our members can produce more profitably
  4. To strengthen the brand identity of Broadway as national industry

Our Vision

We envision a world in which the national Broadway theatre is one of the most vibrant and dynamic of communal experiences.  Through the leadership of the League and its members, we seek to transform today's theatrical eco-system by:

  • Creating more sustainable industry economics
  • Increasing recognition for the industry among all stakeholders (members, government, media corporations, communities, etc.)
  • Significantly increasing the audience that views going to theatre as relevant and compelling
  • Developing and retaining new talent in all areas to ensure future prosperity
  • Fostering deep connections among all industry components for the common good

The Broadway League By-Laws (9-17-2015)