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Road Marketing Committee

Committee members include representatives from member facilities around the country who meet to: share best practices, ideas, trends, challenges, and strategies with industry colleagues; provide a unified “road marketing voice” for the League; help develop road marketing initiatives with the League to ensure the health of Touring Broadway and the Touring Broadway Awards; and identify solutions to ongoing road marketing challenges. The committee also organizes an annual Road Marketing Forum hosted by a League-member venue as well as “Town Hall Conference Calls” available to all League-member markets to discuss timely road marketing issues throughout the year in an open format.

Road Marketing Tumblr: Click here for a discussion of best practices, pertinent news articles, and other useful information for Marketing Directors on the Road. Enter the password: ovation.

Member participation: Open

League contact: Kendra Srebro

Committee Members:

Krissi Diers, Co-Chair
Amy Hamm, Co-Chair

Todd Bentjen
Summer Bohnenkamp
Heidi Bosk
Kim Boyle
Sarah Dahlberg
Theresa Dickerson
Anita Dloniak
Michael Frisco
Rachel Gragg
David Greiss
Lisa Grisanti
Victor Hamburger
Melissa Hazek
Paulette Hopkins
Jeff Hovorka
Trish McKeon
Genevieve Miller Holt
Wendy Oglesby
Marya Peters
Laurie Pomerson
Barb Preuss
P.J. Prokop
Lerria Schuh
Sue Stevens
Zach Stevenson
Jason Wise
Trisha Witt