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Road Presenters/Intra-Industry Committee

Together, the Road Presenters and Intra-Industry Committees comprise a single League standing committee. The committee’s primary functions are to ensure that road presenters, producers, and all other persons, activities, and organizations connected to the Road are well represented in all appropriate League matters; to increase awareness of touring Broadway; and to help foster a more financially solvent environment for League producers. The committee takes a leadership role in developing the Spring Road Conference, develops content for the Winter Road Meeting, and oversees the annual Road Marketing and Group Sales Forums. The committee has established standardized reporting practices for the collection of Road grosses and created a Form Booking Agreement for touring Equity productions.

Road Presenters/Intra-Industry Tumblr: Click here for a discussion of best practices, pertinent news articles and other useful information for Touring Broadway.  Enter the password: "ovation"

Member participation: By invitation

League contact: Ed Sandler

Committee Members 2015-16:

Jeff Chelesvig, Co-Chair
Lauren Reid, Co-Chair

David Anderson
Greg Arst
Rich Baker
John Ballard
Meredith Blair
John Breckenridge
Michael Buchanan
Scott Delman
Frances Egler
John Ekeberg
Jack Eldon
Peter Entin
Sue Frost
Tom Gabbard
Scott Galbraith
Kara Gebhart
Alicia Giersch
Linda Glosser
Pat Halloran
Michael Jenkins
Colleen Jennings-Roggensack
Judy Joseph
Van Kaplan
Susie Krajsa
Simma Levine
Staci Levine
Stephen Lindsay
Judith Lisi
Fran Macferran
Laura Matalon
Tom McCoy
Lucas McMahon
Annette Niemtzow
Al Nocciolino
Ed Payton
L. Glenn Poppleton
Michael Reed
David Roth
Steve Schnepp
Brett Sirota
Joan Squires
David Stone
Jenni Swain
James Triner
Maria Van Laanen
Gina Vernaci
Thomas Viertel
Ric Waldman
Susan Weaving
Georgiana Young
Scott Zeiger

Committee Operating Procedures

Primary Purposes:

  • To ensure that Committee goals are met
  • To review and monitor Committee activities
  • To ensure Road Presenters, Producers, and all other persons, activities and organizations connected to the Road are well represented in all appropriate League matters
  • To serve as a forum for dealing with industry issues as needed, such as road grosses, deal templates, alternative programming, product availability, and working with other arts organizations, etc.
  • To act as advisory board for the Touring Broadway Awards and League Awards
  • To moderate Presenter “Town Hall” conference calls available to all League member presenters to discuss timely issues in an open format
  • To take a leadership role in developing a Presenters sessions for the Spring Road Conference
  • To establish standardized reporting practices for the collection of Road grosses
  • To develop sessions and content for the Winter Road Meeting


  • 20 - 30 members
  • Sufficient representation of Presenters, Producers of Touring Broadway, General Managers of Touring Broadway and Booking Agents

Selection, Criteria and Term:

  • The committee selects its members as recommended by the Executive Committee and/or from interested League members who meet the criteria
  • No term limits; participation for both committees is reviewed annually
  • Committee chairs elected by the committee for a 2-year term, no term limits
  • Additional criteria for committee membership includes:
    • Being an active Presenter, Producer, General Manager or Booking Agent of Touring Broadway in addition to being a League member
    • Demonstrate interest and experience in Touring Broadway
    • Participate in at least four scheduled meetings a year 


  • Bi-monthly
  • Additional as needed


  • Consensus