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Submit Road Grosses

All League member shows and theatres are required to submit grosses and attendance information to the League the week following each engagement of a touring Broadway show, Equity or non-Equity, League or non-League.  This information is vital to the League's efforts to create a true picture of the impact of Touring Broadway.  The information you submit is confidential to League members, and is not shared with the public or the press.

Please submit the following information following each engagement:

  • Week Ending
  • Show
  • Theatre
  • # of Performances
  • Seats Per Performance (i.e., capacity of the theatre)
  • Top Ticket Price
  • Premium Price (if applicable)
  • Gross Potential
  • Gross Gross
  • Paid Attendance
  • Total Attendance (with comps)
  • Subscription status

You may submit the information via fax to (212) 944-2136 or via e-mail to research@broadway.org.  You may use the League's form (below) or your own form.