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Broadway Calendar-Year Statistics

For a more detailed and comprehensive picture of business activity on Broadway, see our   Broadway Season Statistics.

Year Gross* Attendance (by millions)* Playing Weeks**
Most recent year 2014  $1.362 billion  13.13  1,631 
One year ago 2013  $1.193 billion  11.58  1,395 
Two years ago 2012  $1.158 billion  12.16  1,538 
Three years ago 2011  $1.084 billion  12.12  1,481 
10 years ago 2004  $771 million  11.62  1,486 

*Beginning with 2009, "Gross" represents Gross Gross and "Attendance" represents Total Attendance. For seasons prior to 2009, these numbers represent Net Gross and Paid Attendance respectively.

**Playing Weeks are calculated by counting the number of weeks during which each show performed in a given year, and then adding up each show's subtotal to determine the overall number of weeks of performance logged by all shows. The result is the best measure of Broadway's productivity (overall activity).