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The Broadway League is the trade association of the Broadway industry. As such, the League oversees and promotes the common interests of its membership — theatre owners and operators, producers, presenters, and general managers of Broadway and Touring Broadway productions, as well as theatrical suppliers, restauranteurs, shipping and freight companies, booking agents, travel agents, designers, ticketing agents, and hotel managers. The League works to increase interest in commercial theatre throughout North America, strives to foster a sense of community among all members, and develops programs addressing the unique needs of its members.

Theatre owners/operators, producers, presenters, and general managers of Broadway theatre in New York or in connection with a Broadway series elsewhere in North America are eligible to apply for Associate Membership.

Any individuals who, on a regular basis, engage in business with the League or its Members in relation to the operation of a Broadway or Out-of-Town theatre or the producing or presenting of Qualifying Productions in Broadway or Out-of-Town theatres, such as press agents, merchandisers, professional service providers and the like, may apply for membership as an Affiliate Member.

Individuals whose services directly contribute to creating, running, and maintaining Broadway and Touring Broadway productions (technical suppliers, trucking companies, booking and talent agents, and advertising and marketing professionals) are eligible to apply for Industry Specialist Membership.

Any individual professional involved in presenting Broadway quality productions outside of the United States is eligible to apply for International Membership of the Broadway League.

Adjunct membership is intended to be a career stepping stone to foster an individual’s growth in the commercial theatre industry. Ideally, after four years in this category, the member should be ready to qualify for a more advanced level of membership. Applicants must be a current junior staff member of a League Full or Associate member (Producer, Presenter, or General Manager); a graduate of the CTI 3 Day or 14 Week programs; a teacher at or graduate of university theatre departments offering courses/degrees in theatre arts management/administration; or those who have produced Equity showcases or off-off-Broadway and are now ready to make the leap to the Broadway stage. If you are a League member, or if you work for a League member and would like an application, please contact Director of Membership.

For all other membership inquiries, contact Director of Membership.