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We have a selection of Broadway Stock photos available for use. Contact our Communications Department.

For Broadway Season Statistics and a Broadway Facts sheet, visit our Research section.

To research the Broadway archives, please visit the Internet Broadway Database. Use the "Advanced Search" area to customize information by season, date range, number of performances, cast size, type of show, and more.

For general inquiries, please call the Communications Department (212) 764-1122.

Broadway League Press List Application

If you cover theatre, entertainment, or culture regularly and are interested in being considered for The Broadway League Press List, please refer to the criteria/eligibility measurements listed below:

Journalists and/or outlets who meet the following, or a combination of the following, will be considered:

  1. Print or Online - participation in substantial coverage published on a regular, recurring basis for at least the past season.
  2. Broadcast (TV or Radio) - participation in substantial coverage broadcast on a regular, recurring basis for at least the past season.
  3. Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Clubhouse, etc.) - substantial, topical messaging and discussions shared from an influential public account (i.e. not private/protected) on a regular, recurring basis for at least the past six months.

The League Press List is used as a tool by press offices to guide the distribution of press tickets and is a recommended pool of press (but does not exclude other journalists from requesting tickets on a show-by-show basis).

Critics and journalists representing and reaching historically underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.

Interested in joining the League List? Submit your application here.