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Consumers looking for ticketing accounts should contact directly the theatre where your account is held.

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About the League
Mission Statement


The Broadway League’s mission is to support the common interests of our community, with a strong focus on increasing access to and awareness and interest in Broadway in New York City, across America, and around the world.


As America’s most beloved form of live entertainment expands its engagement with theatregoers across the globe, we envision a world that universally recognizes Broadway theatre as a dynamic, vibrant, inclusive, and accessible entertainment experience.


The Broadway League has seven core values that underscore our strategic plan:

  1. Membership Participation
    We believe that ultimately, the strength of our organization is dependent on the enthusiasm and active engagement of our Members. By coming together, we can accomplish more than we can separately.
  2. Programs/Decision Making
    League programs must reflect the priorities of the majority, while respecting the needs of smaller interest groups as well. League decision-making should be open, transparent, and accessible to the Membership at large.
  3. Diversity
    We believe that diversity of interest, ethnicity, and opinion in our Membership is a core strength. The Broadway League believes in promoting an equitable and inclusive theatre community and recognizes that our industry must change in order to reflect those values.
  4. Community Obligation
    We believe that national Broadway theatre is critical to the economic and cultural life of every city in which it plays, and that our programs and actions should be reflective of this responsibility.
  5. Added Value
    We believe that League programs should always seek to add demonstrable value to the activities of its Members, not duplicate efforts.
  6. Long-Term Perspective
    We believe that the League is responsible for taking the long-term view of industry issues and challenges.
  7. Live Theatre Transforms
    We believe that the work of our industry has the ability to change lives. We are a uniquely “live” entertainment that League programs should celebrate whenever possible.