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Broadway`s Economic Contribution to New York City 2014-2015

This biennial report analyzes the economic impact of money spent in New York specifically because of Broadway - including dollars spent on mounting and running Broadway productions and maintenance of theatres; as well as monies spent by visitors to New York on Broadway related ancillary spending.

During the 2014-2015 season, the Broadway industry contributed $12.57 billion to the economy of New York City and supported 89,000 jobs.

This amount consisted of direct spending in three areas: spending by producers to produce and run shows; spending by theatre owners to maintain and renovate venues; and ancillary purchases by "Broadway Tourists" (defined as non-NYC residents who said that Broadway was a very important reason for their coming to New York City). The money that was directly spent in these areas was then re-spent in multiple subsequent rounds, until the original sums left New York City. The sum of the subsequent rounds and the original spending total the full contribution of $12.57 billion.

Broadway's Economic Impact 2014-2015

Broadway Spending

Direct Spending
(million $)

Total Impact
(million $)

Spending by Broadway Tourists



Show Expenses



Theatre Capital Expenses






Broadway's Economic Contribution to NYC: 2014-2015 Season

41 pages, illustrated with color with charts, graphs, and photos.
Published by the The Broadway League

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