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About the League

The Broadway League
729 Seventh Avenue, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 764-1122

The Broadway League is the national trade association for the Broadway industry. Our 700-plus members include theatre owners and operators, producers, presenters, and general managers in North American cities, as well as suppliers of goods and services to the commercial theatre industry. Each year, League members bring Broadway to more than 30 million people in New York and more than 200 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Learn more about the League's history.

Broadway’s Trade Association

The League was born in 1930 when Broadway theatre operators came together to promote their common interests and negotiate collective bargaining agreements with theatrical unions and guilds. In subsequent years, the organization’s mission expanded to include serving the various needs of theatrical producers in New York and of national touring shows, as well as presenters of touring productions in cities throughout North America.

Today the League is a full-service trade association dedicated to fostering increased interest in Broadway theatre and supporting the creation of profitable theatrical productions.

A Vibrant National Entertainment Medium

The League supports its members through an array of programs and events designed to promote Broadway as a vibrant national entertainment medium. These include special events, industry-wide marketing initiatives, and corporate sponsorships, as well as numerous programs geared to making Broadway tickets and show information more accessible to the consumer.

Other key services include overseeing government relations for the Broadway industry, maintaining extensive research archives and databases, investing in the future through audience development programs, and supporting charitable efforts benefiting the theatrical community.

In all its programs and services, the League endeavors to strengthen Broadway theatre’s position as the pinnacle of live entertainment.